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Village annual festivals originate from the founding of townships. These celebrations usually featured a festive atmosphere, and were filled with music, delicious food, traditional games, fairs, and other activities aimed at celebrating this great event.

Eventos Iberia Village offers the opportunity to live this magical experience with original proposals, in one of the most iconic areas of our complex: Mar de Colors. The bucolic beauty of a fishing village with a private pier provides the perfect spot for organizing an event including all the traditional and essential elements of an authentic village fiesta with a twist of originality that will make each event a one-of-a-time experience.

A buffet menu designed for the guests to freely experience the variety of islands of food, in a casual and joyful environment, devoted to details and to the excellence of food: a wide range of delicious appetisers, salads and soups, traditional rice from the Levant coast or an assortment of charcoal-grilled meats are just some of our culinary suggestions.

Besides, if seeking for something even more special, we bring you the possibility of enjoying an unforgettable boat ride on the lake, or having a great time with our entertainment services or live music.

We offer as many options as ideas. Everything is possible in Eventos Iberia Village.