Events organization in Terra Mítica

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Events organization in Terra Mítica

Your bosses, colleagues, your clients … all rejoice of your choice. A conference, a product presentation, a conference team building; each event and communication action requires a different approach. Whatever the need for your product or company, success is assured if you choose to organize your event in a theme park like Terra Mitica. A wide and proven experience allows us to offer the most appropriate solutions to each company, using both your ideas and creative proposals as introducing you soprendentes cooking workshops a lipdup, a tapas route…

Citing the novelist Albert Camus, “It’s not difficult to succeed. What is difficult is to deserve”.  Because you deserve the best, we help to make everything perfect. Impressive meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology will make the work becomes a pleasure, because in such an environment takes its obligations better. Organizing events in Terra Mitica offers the advantage to adapt our shows to your product presentations, demonstrations, sampling actions, etc… so that they become a new and orginal work tool. Get a big win with little effort; leave everything in the hands of team Iberia Village Events. Strategic planning and the expertise of our professionals guarantee tranquility for you to also enjoy the event in a special day, as it should be, taking care to the smallest detail.

Only with the organization of events in Terra Mitica you’ll find much more than you expect. Who would not want to have a snack in Greece and then attend a show in Egypt or spruce with ancient Roman dresses and enjoy a themed party with dinner at Circus Maximus Square? Only the Terra Mitica theme park offers a unique environment as well, such as themed absolutely faithful to make you feel in another historical period. The attending at your event will enjoy an unforgettable day of fun, entertaining and surprising work; for example, with the thrilling and fun scavenger hunts that will lead to multiple teams compete to achieve success touring the park and passing tests.