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Organizing an event can help you to achieve several of your business objectives: increasing sales, positioning your company in a particular market segment, increasing customer loyalty or enhancing your company’s image, to name just a few.

Below, you can see four objectives that all companies traditionally aim for and how organizing an event can help you to achieve them.


1)      Attracting potential customers.

The key here is to involve the sales and business development teams in the planning of the event, as they will be able to provide a list of people to invite and their needs.

A good idea would be to create specific questionnaires to send to the prospective attendees, in order to find out their interests and enable the event to be organized around these.

It is also important to send out periodic reminders to the prospective attendees, providing them with information about the advantages of attending.

Finally, too many attendees could have a negative effect and so you may want to think about setting up a waiting list if necessary.


2)      Communicating a brand image or message.

Here are three types of message you may want to convey and some ideas about how to do so by organizing an event.


  • The market leader: holding a conference is the best way to do this. Invite various industry experts to give presentations and communicate their knowledge to the other attendees, while giving them the opportunity to meet with other experts in areas which interest them.
  • Great expertise:  for example, if you are a marketing or branding agency, what better showcase could there be than organizing an event with large doses of originality and creativity?
  • Well-connected: for certain types of business, being well-connected is the key to success. If this applies to you, the best way to communicate this is to organize a business lunch or dinner, or perhaps an awards ceremony, with a relaxed atmosphere. Invite all your potential customers and let them mingle with the industry heavyweights.


3)      Educating your audience.

For some companies, such as technology firms launching a new product, it may be necessary to educate sales teams, potential customers and suppliers, so that they know how the product works, what the advantages are for the consumer and how to sell it.

To do this, organize training events, workshops, talks, or business breakfasts.


4)      Establishing loyalty.

Identifying the key people to thank, whether they are customers, suppliers or employees, is the first step before organizing an event which will acknowledge their work or importance to the company.

The most effective way to do this would be to launch some fun events with a variety of entertainment or brainstorming activities, or organizing themed parties or dinners.


Now, once you’ve taken the decision to hold an event, what are the main objectives your company wishes to achieve? Once you’ve answered this question, at Iberia Village Events we can advise you to ensure that your event is a resounding success.

11 December, 2015
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